Earth Day in Cart Nature Area


The Cart Nature Area is a landscape of lakes, wetlands, flood plains and forests north of Columbia, Missouri. As one would expect, it is a great place for nature lovers and the perfect place to celebrate Earth Day.

In a cold, morning sun, my husband and I observed beaver work on the road and walked along a network of gravel paths. We first encountered two pairs of Canadian ducks with their obscure dung, and soon saw a Proton warrior, the first warrior I saw this spring; Other turkeys include eagles, blue with blue feathers, eagles with red tails, painted turtles and the usual mix of songwriters. But the most anticipated of our arrival was a significant number of ruble-kinglet kinglets, differences in the main loop path. These small, active songbirds are common in the Midwest in April, migrating from wintering sites on the Canadian breeding grounds of the southern states and Mexico; Commonly observed singly or in pairs, their congregation is an unexpected treatment.

With this annual commitment to conservation, it is good to meet nature according to its laws. Festivals, speeches and political proclamations have advantages, but they do not change the immersion in the natural ecosystem where we see the diversity, vulnerability and interrelationship of life on our planet.


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