A Warning on Lake Phillips Southeastern Columbia


Over the years I have made several posts about a city park in Perry Phillips Lake, southeastern Columbia, Missouri. Surrounded by a pleasant mix of grasslands, swamps and forests, the lake is an agricultural land that is constantly being wiped out by “human development”. Since it was initially confined to the eastern side of the lake, construction of houses, apartments and commercial buildings also expanded to its south shore, thus creating a narrow green belt between the structures and the lake.

Officially a regional “hotspot”, the park has become less attractive in recent years as a parade of joggers and dog walkers run along the ring road and natural Vistara’s become suburban. In concert, bird breeding became “not very effective” and the sight was very different, everywhere. On a cloudy and cool afternoon, I met a bald eagle, an asparagus, an American gesture and a gentle waterfall; Eastern grasslands and northern mockingbirds are always common in the park, with many and various swallows on the eastern kingfishers and during the warmer months.

Unfortunately, another vision caught my attention today; The low, black plastic fence around the meadow to the west of the lake is designed to prevent flooding at the start of new construction. As a result, the park is the microcosm of the Earth; Natural habitats are constantly being destroyed by agriculture, trade, housing and human recreation. Our uncontrolled population growth is destroying the natural diversity of our planet, changing the climate and threatening the well-being of all living things, including us.


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