The loss of MLB revenue during the COVID epidemic is shocking


A shortened season and no fans at the stadiums has led to huge losses for almost all MLB teams by 2020. How bad was it and could the organizations win last year?

Baseball is not the same without fans! The 2020 season was marred by the COVID-19 epidemic that barred all fans from attending the games.

In a year where teams played 60 regular games of the season instead of 162, the Dodgers beat the Tampa Bay Rays to win the World Series in a neutral position playing in Texas.

Considering that the schedule was reduced by more than a hundred games and teams typically hosted at least 81 home games with thousands of fans in attendance, there was a significant loss of revenue for all Major League Baseball clubs.

But who has taken the biggest loss in 2020? Thanks to a report from Penn Bets, we now have that information.

The report shows that MLB lost MLB lost an estimated $ 2,474,793,849 in the 2020 season with no fans present.

That’s $ 2.5 billion for those who don’t want to count commas!

The biggest teams in baseball – the Dodgers, Chicago Cubs, New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox – have seen the biggest losses of revenue while also losing the most revenue per game.

As expected, the groups that received the smallest number of attendees – such as the Marlins – did not suffer around 2020, but saw their money dwindle during the epidemic.

The good news for Major League clubs is that all the venues will allow fans to return to a certain venue and venues like Atlanta will start allowing 50 percent of people to attend this weekend.

Forward and more to these groups!


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