How to Avoid Diet: 7 Tips to Make Dieting Easier


Although the word diet literally means “eat or stay”, it is usually associated with a serious one that includes both a start and a halt. Going back to a food as a “way to eat” is not only more accurate, but is also more beneficial and sustainable.

The following tips are designed to be positive (not right) and progressive (not backward) in your “way of eating”.

Improve your craving for healthy food.

Many people believe that you can enjoy delicious delicious food or resign yourself to eating unhealthy food which is good for you. In fact, healthy food can be tasty and very satisfying. Start with foods that you know are healthy, and then look for healthy foods to try. Avoid forcing yourself to eat food you hate because it is good for you. At the same time, exposure to too much sweetness, too much salt and too much processed food makes your tastes think that healthy food can cause boredom.

Make unhealthy choices difficult and healthy and easy.

Snacks are often tempting, not much to their taste, but because they are available, they are easy to make. Although chocolate is easier to eat than orange peel, it is important if chocolate is not immediately available. Hide it outside the house or keep it in a convenient place in your kitchen, pantry or any other remote area of ​​your home. Improve your chances of eating by making healthy choices easier and making healthy people harder.

Choose a limited number of your favorite treats and engage only occasionally.

While “liberal everything” is a popular mantra, the medium concept is lost when we face countless opportunities to engage every day. Moderate introduction prompts many people to eat many healthy foods often, but none at all. Instead, a better approach is to incur two or three expenses that you truly love and enjoy, sometimes, without guilt.

Exercising is not a punishment for eating sins.

Exercise and a healthy diet are not ethical choices – they are simple. Your eating habits and exercise behaviors point you in the same direction instead of working against each other. The strength of both physical activity and good nutrition is more than being alone.

Disrupt old habits and replace them with new ones.

No, you don’t need more options – you need good habits, which can be seen as behavioral shortcuts for your brain. These shortcuts are built around any behavior you do. If you always have a bowl of ice cream while watching TV at night, then sitting down to watch a show at night will cause apathy. Interrupt it by replacing the habit with healthy behavior. For example, you can brush your teeth before sitting or eating peppermint. The automatic response to stimulation (sitting in bed) (eating ice cream) triggers the ability to consciously control their behavior without knowing anything disruptive and disruptive.

Avoid extremists.

Healthy food is not a little bright, stylish or weird. You can safely dismiss drinking and drinking pickle juice or adding butter to your coffee, eating too many single meals, or doing almost nothing (ie, “cleaning”) in a safe and fun way. It rarely makes headlines, and it does not make a great click pad. Focus on your diet that includes plants, nuts, seeds, and animal products that are healthy for your lifestyle and preferences. It is wrong for anyone to believe that everyone should be omnipotent or that everyone should be a vegetarian. As with most areas of life, avoid extremists and you will find the path to subtlety, truth and better health.

Enjoy the food and the people you eat.

A Mediterranean-style diet is often recommended due to the focus on whole foods, but part of it that is rarely mentioned is the Mediterranean approach to the dining experience. It focuses on interacting with others and enjoying food through all senses – aroma, taste, texture and appearance. Everything we eat has much to learn from this long-standing tradition of appreciating the experience of eating and doing it with others.



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