10 Mood Boosting Foods To Stay Healthy


If you want to improve your mood, it’s time to consider some of the best foods.

Again, we are not doctors and do not claim that eating these foods can cause depression or other diseases of the condition; However, scientifically, all foods contain essential nutrients that your body needs to control your mood.

So, read and save 11 exciting foods that will excite you.

1. Lettuce

Bobby is into something with his daily lettuce intake; Leaves of vegetables like spinach are rich in folate called B vitamins, which help your brain to make dopamine.

Dopamine is a chemical well known for its sedative properties. Make a salad with strawberries, chicken and chia seeds for a healthy afternoon or dinner, which will give you a very tasty meal!

2. Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt not only helps control your mood thanks to its high calcium content, but it also contains good bacteria that keep your stomach healthy.

In addition, it is an excellent meal that will help keep you full throughout the day; We like to sprinkle granola and berries on top as part of our breakfast or have a Greek yogurt with cocoa nips and chia seeds for lunch!

3. Salmon

Any type of fish rich in omega 3 fatty acids, including salmon, is an excellent tonic. Omega 3s help fight depression and stress, and are important for overall brain health.

Four ounces of salmon is more than 100% of your daily dose of B12. (Low B12 levels are associated with depressive episodes.) Try our delicious brown sugar honey marinated salmon next time you need a fresh salmon recipe – it’s fun for fans.

4. Eggs

Whether you enjoy crispy, super easy, coated or suede linen, eggs are not only a terrific source of protein, but also enhance intense mood.

Eggs are one of the few natural sources of vitamin D that can lift the mood. (When you are deficient in vitamin D, you are more likely to feel blue and lethargic.)

Eggs are also rich in magnesium, a nutrient that helps your body cope with stress. Be sure to consume egg yolk – this is where most nutrients are found.

5. Berries

As you know, berries are rich in antioxidants, which strengthen your immune system and fight free radicals. But antioxidants help improve brain function and cognition, which elevate you to a blue mood.

Berries contain something called anthocyanin, which helps your body release the stress hormone cortisol. Next time you feel undue stress, tie several berries; Blueberries in particular can help your body cope with the negative effects of stress.

6. Chicken/Turkey

Both chicken and turkey have high levels of tryptophan, which helps your body produce serotonin.

But they also contain another important amino acid called tyrosine, which helps your body control stress. What’s more, tyrosine helps your brain produce two mood-enhancing neurotransmitters, norepinephrine and dopamine.

7. Cherry Tomatoes

If you like tomatoes, you are in luck! Tomato skin is rich in lycopene, an antioxidant that fights mood swings and mood swings associated with depression.

Since lycopene is found in tomato skin, cherry tomatoes are a better option because they give you more tomato skin per surface area than regular tomatoes … and, they make the perfect little snack.

8. Dark Chocolate

Is there any better news than asking what is good for chocolate? You might know that dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants, but it has also been proven to improve your mood. No, we are not talking about a chocolate bar filled with artificial ingredients, but real dark chocolate is at least 70% cocoa.

Eating a few sections of dark chocolate every day can stimulate your endorphins and make you instantly “feel better” while helping with stress.

9. Asparagus

Those green trunks do more for your health than you think. Asparagus is an excellent plant-based source of tryptophan, and contains high levels of folate, a nutrient that can help combat depression.

Sprinkle olive oil or Parmesan cheese on top for a tasty snack or whatever you like.

10. Oats

Oatmeal lovers, enjoy! Oats are not only an excellent fat reducing food, they are also great for maintaining your strength and mood throughout the day.

Instead of providing instant energy with their low glycemic index and subsequent breakdown (like a sugar donut), oats slowly release their energy into your bloodstream, which will keep your blood sugar and your mood more stable.

Oats are also rich in selenium, a nutrient that enhances mood. Start your day with a hot bowl of oats or make a homemade granola bar with oats and other natural ingredients.

11. Raw Fruits

Next time you feel low, go crazy! Walnuts, brazil nuts, cashews and almonds help raise serotonin levels – your brain’s sense-good neurotransmitters.

The opposite nut will add extra mood. For example, Brazilian nuts contain foods high in selenium, a mineral that has been proven to reduce feelings of anxiety and sadness.

Two handful of cashews contain enough amino acid tryptophan which gives a good boost to your brain.


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