10 Women’s Home Exercise That Really Works



As the idea of ​​working from home becomes increasingly popular during the epidemic, make sure you do not leave your type of health high and dry. Everyone suffers from Schrödinger’s disease.

Self-selection is based on the idea of ​​whether you contain the virus where it spreads or whether you prevent yourself from becoming infected by avoiding any contact with the external environment.

As needed as living at home and working from home, it is also a good idea to focus on the Fat Burning Exercise Program.

Use this time to achieve your fitness goals.


If you are obsessed with body fat and weight problems, the following is a list of fitness programs selected for fat burning for working women.

1. The bridge

This exercise works as a booster for your glutes, muscles, and core muscles.

Lie on the floor on your knees with your knees and feet touching the floor.

Lift your lower back and bring it back slightly to the rest area.

Make sure you use your basic strengths.

Do two sets of 10 reps when you start.

2. Push the knees

It is a function that will serve as a requirement for pushups.

Lie down with your knees on the floor.

Slow down and lift your body just before reaching the floor.

Make sure your elbows are at 45 degrees.

3. Legs

Lunges focus mainly on your main muscles and abdomen.

They help to accumulate more body fat and are included in the Tone Program For Females. If you want to build stability, this exercise is great.

4. Squares

Squat is an outstanding program for low-level exercise.

The most important aspect of square footage is making sure that your form is right. Otherwise, there will be no tangible results.

5. Crunches

Crunches are an exercise program when it comes to burning your belly fat too much. It requires great basic strength to make crunches.

If you feel the crunches are on the easily accessible side of the spectrum and want to tighten them, you can add resistance bands or braces.

6. Plank

It is one of the most common exercises for women’s tone programs.

The reason is that wood helps to cut down fat evenly on your body without causing any signs of discomfort.

Over time, you will be able to make the board longer.

7. Bird Dog

Lie on your face forward with your knees touching the floor.

Lift one leg and arm at the same time.

You will feel a tingling in your arms and legs.

This work requires balance and stability.

8. Acquisition of Buttocks

This exercise is for you if you are not a beginner.

Lie on your side

Point to the left hand, lift your right leg slightly while resting the other on the floor.

Go back

Exercise helps to lower your hips.

9. Side boards

If you want to maintain a good posture and reduce stress on your spine, it’s time to take the planks to the side.

It strengthens the muscles of the abdomen and back, and is the best thing you can do at any time.

However, to get the best results, you need to be consistent.

To make side panels, stretch your legs and lie on your right side and keep your feet and hips resting on the floor.

10. Go to Russian Twist

Yes, you heard right; as its name implies, it is an active exercise you can do at home to lose weight.

You have to sit down and lean back on the Russian twist until you feel that the abdominal muscles are well stretched.

Create a V-shape, then twist slightly from one side to the other.

Make sure you have the right attitude to get the best results.

Even if you are barred from the four walls of your home, do not let this arrest stop you from following and achieving your fitness goals.

Make sure you eat well and follow an exercise routine to stay fit and healthy.


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