Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts has a girlfriend; Philly has feelings

Jalen Hurts and Bryonna "Bry" Burrows stroll across the field together after the Eagles won the NFC Championship game. Everyone who is in love with Hurts was interested by this development.


Philadelphia recently learned that Eagles star quarterback Jalen Hurts has apparently had a girlfriend this whole time. Her name is Bryonna “Bry” Burrows, and they met at Alabama. She has an MBA and an absolutely private Instagram account (Bio: “love language: wine”).

The news that the city’s favorite heartthrob, potential MVP, and man who just wants to give the game everything he has is in a romantic relationship sent some Hurts fans spiraling into the abyss, and others trying to stay positive about their own chances with him. Philly loves an underdog, after all.

“Just found out jalen hurts has a gf, i will be unavailable for the next 24-48 hours as i’m mourning,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Seeing Jalen Hurts girlfriend makes me happy but very sad at the same time,” another wrote.

Love for Hurts spans identities. When the Eagles Nation account posted that “Female Eagles fans across America just fell down to their knees seeing this,” men weighed in to say they, too, were devastated.

And he makes a good impression on parents, too.

“Jalen is such a well mannered young man. The son every mom wants,” a great-grandmother wrote in a 17,000-person strong Jalen Hurts Facebook group. Many fans said though they’d rather be with Hurts themselves, they were at least glad to see Burrows is Black, because of a perception that Black athletes and entertainers date non-Black people when they make it big.

Hurts has apparently been on-again-off-again with Burrows since 2016.

There was some confusion online over whether the woman in the photograph was his agent, Nicole Lynn, the first Black woman to represent an NFL quarterback in the Super Bowl. (She’s not, she’s his girlfriend.)

Hurts has an all-women management team, which sets him apart in a male-dominated industry.

Ultimately, Eagles fans who believe in what is right and pure can only be happy that Jalen Hurts found someone talented and successful to love. If he’s OK, we’re all OK.

This article was edited after publication to remove analysis and opinion, except that we all want Jalen Hurts to be happy.


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