A Guide for Beginners: To Running And Become Runner

A Guide for Beginners: To Running And Become Runner
A Guide for Beginners: To Running And Become Runner

A lot of people who like to run now, say some kind of thing about their first time out: When I started running I couldn’t do it for more than two minutes. I was out of breath. My body hurts, my lungs hurt and I think: This is not fun. But I’m so happy I finally got them because now I can run miles and I can’t imagine my life without running.

Running is rarely a favorite when you first see it. If you want to be a runner, this is important to remember. Running is a slow-moving passion that should grow in you, but once you catch an active distraction, it’s hard to shake.

Here’s Our First Guide to Running!

Don’t expect it to be easy

Don’t use how hard or easy it is when you start running as a gauge of whether you should be a runner or not. Just know right now as you read this, that getting started is not easy.

You need to get your body ready for action before you reach a point where running is fun. So you definitely don’t want to judge yourself or use it for the first time out. Mina

f you can only run for two minutes when you start running, that’s fine. Run two, walk for ten minutes, and then repeat. Build on those numbers, run faster and move slower. If you set aside time to work out several times a week, you will be amazed at how well your body adapts and improves.

Go for 15 minutes Oh-my-gosh-Just-ran-for-15

While the start is uncomfortable, you will love it when your body turns a corner and you see that you have run for 15 minutes without stopping. AND, find out: It wasn’t that bad. You will tell everyone you know. Your happiness in doing something you never thought you would do will start to catch up and you will feel superior in the world. You will soon be set to run for more than 15 minutes. And this is your love of running holding it like this.

Start over

Getting your body ready to run is challenging enough without adding hills from the bat. Set boundaries to your liking and run in flat areas when you are just starting out.

Start with short breaks

The new runner will feel like they are using all their strength when they are looking for their first few runs. Periods will help you recover and move on.

Start with fast intervals such as 1 minute run and then 2 minutes or 3 minutes and then 1 minute run. Choose any moment that sounds like it is happening and keep going! Eventually you will be able to increase your running time and reduce your travel time as you get more comfortable.

Enjoy easy

Part of why runners like to run or run is because you don’t need any equipment, you don’t have to get to the team stage at some point, and you don’t need membership. You do not need to buy hand tools or master choreography.

You just tie these running shoes, put on that sports bottle and go out the front door. (Well, maybe you also wear some running clothes, but you get my idea.) Your relationships, your running shoes and your playlist.

With a little courage, you can run in all kinds of weather. Don’t forget to realize how much fun it is to be able to have a heart-pounding exercise by just leaving your house.

See the benefits of running

If you have always wanted to run, but lacked the first oomph, here is a list of your motivation for performance benefits:

  • Get good cardiovascular exercise that lowers calories and makes you sweat.
  • Reduce stress, increase mental clarity, and improve your mood.
  • Eventually you can get high levels of athlete (endorphins come from the right amount of challenge in your body)
  • Hold on to that look of youth – fight the aging process and prevent the loss of muscles and bones caused by aging
  • It helps improve your health by fighting infections and reducing your risk of heart attack. It also helps with good cholesterol while lowering blood pressure. Oh, it also boosts your immune system.
  • It gives you a sense of accomplishment and confidence.

Buy shoes

Even the first runners should find the right shoes to protect your body, improve your knowledge and motivate you to put on the straps. Save money on proper running shoes. They should last a short time (about 300-400 miles) and can help prevent injury.

Go to a specialty store where store staff will watch you run on the treadmill and advise you on running shoes the way you run (whether your feet mean or lift). Also, wouldn’t you be more motivated to run if your favorite florescent pair called you?

Include the best playlists.

Two words: Music is inspiring. If you are an experienced runner, you may want to enjoy the sounds of nature when you go out, but start with refreshing music. Having upbeat music can shoot you to stay in it. You will run a lot and go slow.

If you catch a love of running, make sure you eat a healthy diet, sleep well, stay hydrated, stretch behind your jogs and keep track of your progress. Tell us about your experience. We’d love to hear from you. Go ahead!



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