Why Orangetheory is the exercise class for everyone | Style



How life-changing can a gym class really, really be? Panting and pouring with sweat in a dark room with strangers while music booms. Endorphin-boosting? Yes. Epiphany-inducing? Unlikely.

As a gym class veteran (name a ridiculous workout, I’ve done it), I’ve heard every term used to describe a new hyped-up fitness trend — classes that will burn “thousands of calories”, bring you “spiritual awakening” or “help you discover new limits”.

Rarely do they live up to the hype. But when I heard about Orangetheory, the cult gym class founded in America that is now growing in popularity in the UK, I got genuinely excited. Not because I learnt about it from a Goopy A-lister, chiselled influencer or enthusiastic PR, but because I heard about it from


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