Lifepro Vibration Plate Review

Lifepro Vibration Plate Review


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Touted for its ability to burn extra calories, improve circulation, boost lymphatic drainage, improve bone density, pain reduction, and even quell constipation, it’s no surprise that vibration therapy has made a major comeback as of late. The idea behind vibration therapy is that the vibrations cause the muscles to contract, just like they would if you were, say, doing some lunges or lifting weights. Activating these muscles through shaking the body is thought to help build muscle and burn fat just by standing on the device. Of course, the potential benefits of using a vibration plate are amplified when combined with voluntary movements, including strength training, push-ups, squats, lunges, and even yoga and pilates moves.

You’ll find vibration plates in wellness spas, fitness studios, and some medispas, but you can now harness the potential benefits of vibration therapy at home—and the LifePro Waver is one of the most popular on the market (I own it and love it, but I’m definitely not alone). “After having 2 kids in less than 2 years I had stopped working out consistently and was finding it difficult to get back into. I went on Amazon and typed in ‘get toned at home easy,’ and this was one of the products that came up. After using it for [one] month, my body was finally starting to be toned again. I noticed that I had been sleeping better as well,” one five-star Amazon reviewer says. “… I love my LifePro! I call it my perky butt machine! It is great for stimulating the Lymph System, the adrenals, and getting the muscles to become toned again. It helps me stay regular, and I can feel the oxygenation taking place in my body,” another reviewer says. You heard it hear first folks, vibration plates are 2023’s hottest wellness device.

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