How To Lose Belly Fat Aptitude When You Getting Older


This is one of the most annoying parts of remembering how metabolic rate and weight go to the wrong places – such as an insect’s stomach.

Experts believe that the only way to reduce stomach is an integrated approach that includes both diet and exercise. Here are some tips to deal with flatulence after 50 – we know you can do it!

Pay attention to fiber

Studies of individuals who add more fiber to their diet have shown significant body weight loss. When you include fiber in your diet, it is easy to be satisfied with fewer calories.

When you focus mostly on foods such as vegetables and fruits, you can easily consume your fiber.


Protein is an important part of weight loss. When protein is analyzed your appetite often decreases, metabolism is accelerated and various hormones are replaced to facilitate weight management.

Low calorie foods with high calorie density, including protein (moderate drinking and excess or restricted calories) are important for maintaining muscle while losing weight.

High muscle mass in women after menopause is due to low body percent and protein intake.

Research recommends 25-30 grams of protein per meal for the benefits of metabolism and body composition.

Omega 3

Fish oil reduces inflammation and cortisol, which helps metabolism and muscle gains.

On average, adults over the age of 50 have less success in building lean muscle and gradually lose weight as they are more likely to get it earlier.

Fish oil can be an option for those struggling with the inevitable weight gain of age. One study found that consuming 4 grams of fish oil daily reduces muscle weight (not only increases weight, but also increases muscle).

In addition, omega-3 enhances the body’s ability to store protein to build muscle. This is on top of a healthy diet and exercise, which allows longevity to feel the glow of youth again. Take a look at more than 50 other products we recommend.

Green tea

Green tea is another metabolic stimulant for women over 50. Studies show that they help reduce the risk of being overweight and losing weight.

Steep a cup of green tea at home for two to three minutes or buy it at your local grocery store.

You can also try these natural products: cinnamon, honey, lemon juice and vermicelli pepper not only boost metabolism, but also suppress hunger!

Some recent studies suggest that daily green tea drinkers have a lower risk of stroke. This is good news for people over the age of 60 as strokes occur with age and are a major cause of disability.



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